Martial Arts Tricking

New Classes Tricking for Children at Greenacre
Martial Arts Tricking is a high-energy sport, which consists of kicking, flipping, twisting. Combinations of tricks based upon individual choice, difficulty, or style. Tricking is a new sport which combines martial arts kicks, capoeira, break dancing, tae kwon do, karate, gymnastics with acrobatics and dance, encourages a positive body image and develops confidence, self- esteem and team skills.

Beginners start with rolling, falling skills and manners.
No self defense, No contacts, No violence, No fees for gradings
Our Martial Arts program incorporating generations-old values of non-violence, respect and personal discipline. Our purpose is to share the gift of martial arts so that it can positively change your child’s life. You will meet professional, talented and encouraging instructors and students who will help your child accomplish martial arts and fitness goals.