Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance Ages 12 & Up

Contemporary dance encourages to explore  emotions through dance. This style of dance often involves a great deal of playing with balance, fall and recovery and improvisation.

Contemporary dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz techniques encourages to explore emotions and telling the story through the dance.

Classes involve a warm up , light stretches and help build strength, flexibility and balance.  Students learn to use their bodies in a variety of ways, and they focus on breathing, posture, and emotional state.

ANAA use voice only music, percussion instruments and synthetic computer generated sounds during our classes and performances. All classes for kids and teenagers are  segregated.

Students will also have opportunities to perform in front of audiences.  We encourage children to share their talent to inspire others with their new skills.

Each class at ANAA will participate in putting together a showcase event at the end of the year to show off their skills, gain confidence and to inspire the community and parents.