Ballet lessons improve posture, flexibility, coordination, strength and grace. It teaches them the  discipline, confidence and improves memory in young ballet students
ANAA use voice only music, percussion instruments and synthetic computer generated sounds during our classes and performances. All classes for kids and teenagers are strictly segregated.

All Ballet Students are required to wear the following items to class:

Pink ballet tights or leggings

Pink Canvas ballet shoes with elastic
Hair has to be secured neatly in a bun.

Girls 4-9 years old can wear leotards and ballet skirt ( must wear pink ballet tights or leggings)

Girls 10-15 years old can wear modest sport pants or leggings and skirt . Capri pants that have lycra or spandex material in them are a great choice.  Pants should not be longer than the ankle. 


Performance (Optional)
Students will also have  opportunities to perform in front of audiences. We encourage children to share their talent to inspire others with their new skills.

Each class at ANAA will participate in putting together a showcase event at the end of the year to show off their skills, gain confidence and to inspire the community and parents.